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Our Mission
A website that can cover all the news in Sri Lanka and contains 360 information about Sri Lanka.


Our Goal
The main goal is to provide information on many things happening in Sri Lanka and the many things they need to know about Sri Lanka, as well as information to travelers visiting Sri Lanka, on a single website.


About In Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka is a media network founded in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka created a website to provide accurate and fast news and information about Sri Lanka on a single website. Sri Lanka has a wide range of history, culture, and tradition, yet it was closely embedded with the lives and lands of the people. No one had ever considered going out and finding these stories to share with the rest of the world.

It was for this reason that In Sri Lanka was formed. A small group of content writers, journalists and people who shared their country’s love just started a platform to tell the kind of stories that weren’t told. They made conforming to a strong code of ethics – truth, accuracy, fairness, impartiality, accountability, and humanity – a motivating priority. Not only that, we also share important International News, Business, Politics, Education, Sports, Tourism, Entertainment, Society, Jobs, Covid19 and Gossip from all over the world.

Sri Lanka C News

In Sri Lanka is an independent website. We run this website to tell you many important things about Sri Lanka and the things Sri Lankans and the world need to know about the history and many forgotten stories to tell.

In that way, we published many articles and we were required to publish news on our website and much important news related to Sri Lanka on a daily basis which was in addition to the question from our readers so we have started a section called Sri Lanka C News on our website.

We assure you that this Sri Lanka C News section of ours will always adhere to the principles of our In Sri Lanka website will not favor any politics and will always seek ethnic and religious harmony. This is the minimum standard that readers or viewers demand in a democracy.

Despite this, the financial model that underlies most Sri Lankan news networks rarely provides editors with the independence they require. Worse, it has weakened professional reporting standards and polluted the media ecosystem with harmful behaviours such as widespread biased reporting, sponsored journalism, and ‘private deals’.

Media networks are becoming increasingly hesitant to invest money in news-gathering; and when they establish secondary commercial interests and ‘no go zones,’ their newsrooms suffer further collateral damage – especially because these interests frequently rely on proximity to politicians and bureaucrats. Is it any surprise that readers have begun to observe a decline in professional standards, ethical violations, and quality? They now believe they have been created.

Sri Lanka C News was founded on the basis that good journalism can only survive and develop if it is both editorially and financially independent. This entails depending mostly on contributions from readers and concerned people who have no other motivation than to see that excellent journalism is preserved.

Sri Lanka C News will be dedicated to the public good and democratic principles as a medium. Apart from offering authoritative analysis and commentary, we hope to establish ourselves as a platform based on good old-fashioned reporting on matters of national and worldwide relevance and interest as our resources increase.