National Council proposal passed in Parliament without division

Minister Dinesh Gunawardena’s proposal to establish a ‘National Council’ was passed
in Parliament on 20.09.2022 without a division. The ‘National Council’ will be
constituted to represent all the parties representing the Ninth Parliament from
the recognized political parties of Sri Lanka.

consensus was obtained at three rounds of discussions under the leadership of
the Prime Minister held at the Parliament complex with the participation of all
party representatives and after much deliberation, the agreement of all parties
was obtained.

this proposal to Parliament on 20.09.2022, the Prime Minister explained the
authority and general responsibilities of the ‘National Council’.

of common priorities in Parliament to guide short, medium, and long-term
national policy-making is one of those responsibilities.

responsibility is to agree on short-term programmes related to economic

is also responsible with organizing activities for special meetings attended by
the Cabinet of Ministers, Chairpersons of National Council and Special
Committees and Youth Observers of Youth Organizations.

‘National Council’ also has the authority to summon reports from the Sectoral
Monitoring Committees, the Committee on Government Finance, the Committee on
Government Accounts, the Committee on Public Enterprises and any committee that
controls the government’s finances.

to the proposal it will be chaired by the Speaker and not more than thirty-five
(35) Members of Parliament representing the Ninth Parliament from the
recognized political parties of Sri Lanka including the Prime Minister, the
Leader of the House of Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition and the Chief
Government whip will be the members to this council.

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