Jagath Wellawatta to be ousted from Sri Lanka Insurance, proposed as Australian High Commissioner!

– Sri Lanka C News

Dr. Jagath Wellawatta is to be removed from his position as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, internal government sources disclosed. Upon dismissal Dr. Wellawatta has been proposed for the post of Australian High Commissioner.

The decision to oust Wellawatta was due to certain deficiencies occurred in the administration of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation. In his replacement, Dilith Jayaweera, Owner of Derana Media Network and a close associate of the government leaders, has been nomiated for the position, sources added, however, with a final decision yet to be taken.

Jayaweera has been asked to take over the chairmanship and in response, he has said that time is needed to decide on the matter. The sources, however, claim that the Media Giant is more than 80% likely to be appointed as the Corporation Chairman.

Jayaweera is also serving as a member of the Public Service Commission and is a member of several Presidential Task Forces.

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