FSP files petition before Appeal Court over forcible confinement at quarantine centres

– Sri Lanka C News

The Frontline Socialist Party has filed a petition in the Appeal Court against the forcible confinement of political activists and trade union leaders under the guise of quarantine laws.

Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda speaking to reporters emphasised that people who were not confirmed to be infected with Covid, or at least not associated with those infected, are being forcibly confined at quarantine centres. The government is using the quarantine regulations as a pretext to repress the public’s right to protest and express their views on just issues, he noted.

Although government MPs, ministers, government-affiliated monks and other close associates of the government have been seen violating the quarantine laws in many occasions in the recent past, no Police force was ever enforced, he went on, adding that quarantine laws are only being used in the event of a demonstration of anti-government views.

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