Health Ministry decides to provide the booster vaccine to Sri Lankans over the age of 20

Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says that a decision has been taken to provide booster vaccine to Sri Lankans over the age of 20.

Accordingly, arrangements will be made for this in the next few days, the Minister said.

Rambukwella said that the booster vaccine for people over 60 years of age has been commenced in Sri Lanka, but some countries in the world started giving it to people over 65 years of age.

The booster vaccine has already been distributed to 380,213 people, including those in the health sector and support groups.

The Minister further stated that 73% of the total population has been vaccinated so far and the program to reach the target of 75% in the next few days will be implemented accordingly. He also says that this is a significant victory for the entire people of the country.

Nearly 1.1 million children have been vaccinated so far and arrangements have been made to expand the target to another 200,000.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health emphasized that it has been decided to reactivate weddings, cinemas, restaurants, hotel complexes, festival organizers etc. as usual under the field health guidelines.

Prior to this, these sectors were systematically started at 25%, 50% etc.

However, the Minister said that this will be discussed further at the covid Task Force meeting next Friday and it will be decided within which limits the areas to be opened will be implemented.

The Minister pointed out that even when these sectors are opened, the wearing of masks, full vaccination and maintaining social distance should be followed strictly. The Minister called for a long-term plan to take the country towards normalization during the covid disaster and not to resort to short-term programs for profit.

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