It was not the opposition’s protests but our discussions that led to the solution of the fertilizer issue – Wimal

Wimal Weerawansa, Minister of Industries says that the lifting of the ban on the import of fertilizers and agrochemicals was not due to any protest by anyone but due to the talks and discussions within the government.

“More than any of these protests, there was a great deal of discussion within the government. I think this was the result of that discussion and talks. It was a decision taken by the President in good faith.”

Q. But the subsidy given by the government to the farmer was completey lost?

“No. The government subsidizes farmers with organic fertilizers.”

Q. There is an allegation that the government is issuing gazettes, and reversing them?

“Yes you have to reverse when the wrong gazette is issued, right?”

Minister Wimal Weerawansa stated this while answering several questions raised by journalists after a function held in Pannipitiya yesterday (24).

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