The budget vote of Hambantota Municipal Council gains victory due to the Mayor – SLFP member – Eraj Ravindra Fernando

The budget of the SLPP had been defeated in the Mahawa and Lahugala Pradeshiya Sabhas recently and the budget of the Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated for the third time yesterday (24).

Meanwhile, Mayor Eraj Ravindra Fernando has been able to win the budget vote of the Hambantota Municipal Council, the stronghold of the Rajapaksas. What is special about it is that despite being leaning towards Pohottuwa today, Eraj was elected to the Municipal Council from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

The ruling party retained power in the Hambantota Municipal Council because Eraj was in the SLFP.

Eraj Ravindra is a notorious thug. In 2014, a group of thugs led by him chased and attacked a group of UNP parliamentarians who were on an inspection tour of the Hambantota port. He also took a pistol and personally participated in it. Later, during legal proceedings, he said it was a toy pistol. However, during the last government he was with the SLFP, a partner party of the government, to get rid of this problem.

In recent days, it has been seen that he has even taken on the strength of the present government after they came into power and even resorted to land grabbing in Colombo. It is reported that Dayasiri Jayasekara and Mahinda Amaraweera of the SLFP have also publicly stated that they were able to win it in Hambanthota Pradeshiya Sabha because Eraj was an  SLFP member when Pohottuwa had lost in the budget queue of the local government bodies.

Sources said that they had said, “If he had been in Pohottu, Hambantota would have lost too.”

It was reported that under the current circumstances, Eraj Ravindra Fernando is currently contemplating whether to contest the next local government election from the SLFP or from the SLPP.

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