Wimal’s National Freedom Front launches its monthly magazine – Third Way

The monthly magazine ‘තෙවැනි මග – Third Way’ was launched at the Solis Hall in Pita Kotte yesterday (21) as a publication of the ‘Nidahase Niyamuwo’ of the National Freedom Front led by Minister Wimal Weerawansa.

“If we find inappropriate answers, the situation can get worse. It has happened to the countries of the world. It is time for our society to look for answers. Therefore, we have a responsibility to find suitable answers.

Today, society is facing unexpected crises. We cannot control the epidemic. But there are challenges that we have created with our own hands. But there are challenges that we cannot avoid in any way. We need to find a way to find solutions to them urgently.

Sri Lanka is one of the least affected countries by gravity. It is a country in a strategically important position. Today our country is not where it should be. We are in a much lower place than that. There are many reasons for that mistake. We have to take steps to get our country out of that historic mistake.

Now we are in a special situation where common answers are very useful to solve problems. So now we have to choose the answers that can solve this special situation, that can overcome it and that can correct the mistakes. The Third Way is not just a magazine. It will become a forum for answering the problems of the people, ”said Wimal Weerawansa.

The event was attended by leaders of 11 smaller government parties, including the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

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