Teachers’ strike action successful, only Police officers present in schools: Stalin

The commencement of schools on Thursday (21) has severely hampered due to the ongoing strike action launched by the trade unions responding to school teachers and principals over the salary anomalies.

The majority of teachers and principals have endorsed the strike action and the students’ attention has also been very limited, according to reports.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin commented that the strike action is successful. Despite the claims made by certain ministers like Sarath Weerasekara that the strike action, unlike the teachers of the South, will not be endorsed by the teachers of the North and East, they too have engaged in it today, Stalin revealed.

The Union Secretary further revealed that parents have also endorsed the strike action carried out by the Trade Unions Alliance for Teachers and Principals and that in many schools no student has attended at all.

The teachers who are endorsing the strike action have posted updates on the condition of their schools on Social Media, and many schools have been visited only by Police officers deployed for security and trainee graduates. Officers of the Divisional Education Offices have also visited some schools, reports added.

The message given by the teachers today should be understood by the government, Stalin went on, adding that the government, accordingly, should be taking an immediate action on increasing the salaries of the teachers, as proposed by the ministerial subcommittee.

The trade unions emphasised that the struggle to eliminate salary anomalies will continue despite them reporting for duty on May 25th. Accordingly, the trade unions are likely to hold further protests in the future.


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