Rice price soared – Samba, Nadu by Rs. 15, Keeri Samba by Rs. 40

The Large-Scale Mill Owners Association has taken measures to surge the price of rice again.

Accordingly, the price of one kilogram of Keeri Samba will increase by Rs. 40, and one kilogram of Nadu by Rs. 15, revealed Secretary of the Ceylon Rice Producers Association Muditha Perera.

This will lead to increase the price of Keeri Samba up to Rs. 210, Samba up to Rs. 155 and Nadu, Rs. 130.

As the government removed the control-price for rice, several large-scale mill owners are controlling the price of rice, he went on, adding that these groups are making huge profits by converting paddy purchased for very low prices into rice and selling them at higher prices.

As the government lifted the control-price for rice, the Large-Scale Mill Owners Association called in a briefing and revealed that the prices of rice will be revised. Keeri Samba will be sold for Rs. 165, Samba for Rs. 140 and Nadu, Rs. 115, the Union announced.


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