Rathana Thera to take legal actions against Party Membership dismissal

MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera speaking to reporters stated that he will be taking legal actions against the dismissal of his membership from Ape Janabala Paksha (Our People of Power) Party. The Thera added that he cannot make further comments in this regard as legal proceedings are being made.

The Ape Jananala Paksha Party recently revealed that the membership of Rathana Thera has been dismissed. The decision has been informed to the Election Commission in dismissing his Parliament membership as well.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Parliament revealed that the Thera’s dismissal from the Party has not been informed to Parliament yet.

There is a period of about a month for the dismissal of the parliament membership after such a notification, and if the Thera does not take legal action within the period, his parliament membership will also be cancelled, the Parliament Secretary General added.

Accordingly, the Thera will be able to remain in his post as a MP until the end of a hearing, should he take a legal action in this regard promptly.


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