Farmers should have been given alternatives before the government’s ban on chemical fertilizers was implemented

Farmers point out that they prefer to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers, but that this should be done according to a specific plan. The farmers further say that they should have been given alternatives before the government’s ban on chemical fertilizers was implemented.

Paddy farmers, vegetable farmers and growers of minor export crops are protesting against the ban on chemical fertilizers and the non-introduction of alternatives.

Farmers in the Maduruoya region staged a protest yesterday. The protest was held in the Dimbulana area in Welikanda and was attended by members of several farmers’ organizations in the Mahaweli B zone.

Farmers who expressed their views during the protest stated that Ven. Rathana Thera also started organic farming in the Maduruoya region. Farmers say that to show the country that organic farming is successful, organic fertilizer was applied during the day and urea was applied at night, and in the end it was a completely failed project.

Farmers who harvested 5,000 kilograms per hectare due to Ven. Rathana Thera’s informal arrangements have had to reduce their harvest to 2500 kilograms due to organic farming.

Farmers’ organizations point out that despite the fact that organic farming has proved to be a failure in practice, organic farming is once again expanding and taking the lives of farmers.

There was a seasonal meeting of about 20 farmers’ organizations in the Rideegama Movement in which the authorities were strongly opposed by the representatives of the farmers’ organizations. Farmers’ organizations stated that cultivation could not commence until a definite promise was made to provide fertilizer.

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