“HI Japan” Trade Exhibition Promoting Sri Lankan Coconut Products

Ambassador and the Mission staff participated at the “HI Japan” Trade Exhibition Sri Lanka booth that was organized and promoted by the Sri Lanka Mission in Japan and funded by the Coconut Development Authority (CDA).

The Booth showcased a wide range of coconut related export products from 11 Companies in Sri Lanka.  The product range included Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, MCT Oil, Coconut flour, Desiccated coconut, Coconut chips, milk, milk powder, treacle, syrup and cream. There were new products such as coconut vinegar, Amino, Coconut butter, sugar, Coconut water and king coconut water products that were showcased.

The booth received over 60 inquiries from potential Japanese buyers with the most popular products being Virgin coconut oil, Coconut flour and Desiccated coconut. Mission hopes to follow up on these leads and connect the exporters directly with prospective buyers through web meetings. Mission also provides translation, transcriber services as well as check for packaging quality and conformity with Japanese regulations before shipping samples and brochures a service provided to all Sri Lankan exporters.

Sri Lanka Embassy
12 October 2021

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