If we can’t take advantage of the country’s resources, what is wrong with giving those to foreign investors – Lansa

Nimal Lansa, Minister of State for Rural Roads and Infrastructure, said that if anyone opposes investment opportunities that are in line with the law of the land for their political purposes, it is an attempt to reverse the country’s development. Minister of State Nimal Lansa expressed these views when he met a group of party activists at his Negombo office.

Speaking further Minister of State Nimal Lansa said,

A national economic policy without party affiliation should be formulated to uplift the economy of Sri Lanka. The country’s economy cannot be taken forward by looking through tinted glasses. After independence, Sri Lankan leaders opposed the implementation of pro-country resolutions by certain parties. Still opposed today. If it is a pro-country proposal, we should support its implementation.

What do we do if we cannot take advantage of the resources available in our country? What is wrong if we do not have the technology, the money or we bring in a foreign investor and work according to the law of the land? At a time when the world is moving towards renewable energy, is there any value in our mineral resources if we cannot afford them in another 20 years? Good governance has not been able to bring in any investors in their four and a half years. As a government we take decisions that are favorable to the country directly.

Investors in our country go and invest in foreign countries. Our people leave to work abroad. But foreigners cannot invest or work here. A number of government institutions in Sri Lanka are incurring losses. 22 million people pay taxes to maintain them. This is the money of the people. We as a government are trying to minimize the waste of people’s money and build the economy of this country.

Countries around the world are working together to develop bilaterally and multilaterally. But our country opposes attempts to invest with countries like India, America, China, and Japan. However, this opposition group has met the leaders of those countries and asked them to come and invest during that period. If a foreign country comes to invest when they lose power, they will oppose it. What is the double standard of the opposition?

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